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Able Legal Investigations, Inc. is a firm of licensed private investigators serving the needs of businesses and individual customers, both locally and throughout The United States. We specialize in complex investigative operations and in-depth due diligence support. Our team has the networks and professional expertise to ensure a truly global reach, while offering the high levels of customer service and support that you’d expect from a local provider.

Our Service Portfolio

Undercover Investigations and Surveillance: Sometimes you have to be a little surreptitious when you’re looking for the truth. Our team of male and female investigators are able to discreetly find out the facts of a matter and deliver them as legally admissible evidence. Our Undercover surveillance and investigation services include:

  • Cheating spouse investigations
  • Employee surveillance
  • Workers’ compensation surveillance
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures

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Financial Investigations and Asset Searches: Our financial investigation specialists are experts in fiscal matters as well as being licensed private investigators. When you need to ascertain the financial profile of a company or individual or track down hidden assets to recover monies owed, Able Legal Investigations, Inc. can transcend the boundaries of multiple jurisdictions to meet your objectives. Our Financial investigation services can help you to:

  • Assess the financial health of potential business partners
  • Test the integrity of investment opportunities
  • Arrest fraudulent activity within your organization
  • Recover debts through the freezing and liquidation of debtors’ assets

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Due Diligence and background Investigations: It would be nice to be able to take everybody at face value. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t make good business sense in an age when white collar crime proliferates. You need to practice rigorous due diligence to protect your employees, your business’ reputation, and your livelihood. That’s why we offer a range of background checks and due diligence services, including:

  • Pre-employment background investigations
  • Employee screening
  • Corporate due diligence

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If you have any questions about the investigative services we provide at Able Legal Investigations, Inc. and don’t see the answers on these website pages, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us, either online or by giving us a call at 866-302-2366.