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Able Legal Investigations is a part of your case from the very beginning, helping you prepare for court with asset searches and potential recovery analysis; discovery and production consulting; electronic discovery services; and pre-litigation witness interviews.

Our computer forensic investigators, senior investigators, forensic accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and other professionals are also experienced expert witnesses, and can testify in a variety of civil matters.

Electronic Discovery

Most litigation today requires production and discovery of significant amounts of electronic evidence. Our Litigation Support Unit can help clients find, produce, organize, manage and analyze electronic files and data from email, word processing documents, spreadsheets, financial and scheduling software and other application files.

Our electronic discovery services include:

  • application file conversion
  • creating import files for electronic discovery
  • email conversion
  • keyword searches
  • metadata extraction
  • technical assistance in preparation and execution of electronic discovery requests and subpoenas
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Court Admissable Evidence

All Investigations are performed by Licensed Financial Investigators and accomplished in compliance with all provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (Public Law 91-508, 15 U.S.C. Section 1681 ET SEQ, 604-615) Consumer Credit Reporting Act (California Civil Code Sec 1785.1-1785.34) and the Graham Leach Biley Act Section 313.15 (a)(2)(ii) and as such the findings are court admissible.

Able Legal Investigations offers these specialized investigations:

  • surveillance
  • asset searches
  • background investigations
  • family law and divorce investigations
  • personal injury investigations
  • computer forensics
  • copyright/patent infringement
  • electronic discovery
  • electronic surveillance detection
  • historical analysis
  • international link analysis
  • multi-jurisdictional polygraph examination
  • pre-litigation witness interviews
  • surveillance transaction analysis
  • aircraft accident reconstruction investigations

More than 800 Trained Investigators

Able Legal Investigations has extensive experience in performing complex, large-scale, multijurisdictional, local, national, and international investigations.

Our licensed investigators support clients’ litigation needs by locating and interviewing witnesses; providing historical and transactional research; performing forensic accounting analysis; collecting and reviewing evidence; preparing thorough, accurate and professionally written investigative reports; and presenting expert testimony.

Able Legal Investigations is affiliated with more than 800 trained investigators and consultants worldwide, and we have developed an extensive international network of government and intelligence contacts.

Our Investigations Unit

Our investigations unit is a cross-disciplinary team comprised of senior investigators who collectively have more than 75 years of experience among them, as well as former state and local law enforcement professionals, computer forensic investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners, forensic accountants, financial analysts, business consultants, electronic surveillance detection specialists and research investigators.

Many of our licensed investigators are bilingual and have college, professional or advanced degrees, as well as specialized training and certifications.

We specialize ininvestigating
such matters as:

  • civil actions
  • criminal defense
  • bankruptcy fraud
  • breach of contract
  • breach of fiduciary claims
  • civil fraud construction claims
  • corporate espionage
  • embezzlement employment disputes
  • estate and trust disputes
  • hidden assets
  • family law
  • missing persons
  • insurance bad faith
  • intellectual property claims
  • partner and shareholder disputes
  • patent infringement
  • probate litigation
  • product liability
  • theft
  • white-collar crime