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Welcome to Able Legal Investigations

San Diego InvestigatorBased in San Diego and convenient to Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe, Able Legal Investigations provides investigative services to businesses and individuals throughout the United States and locally to Los Angeles, Orange County, and elsewhere in Southern California.

Our licensed private investigators conduct all forms of civil, criminal, surveillance and other investigations including family law and divorce, personal injury, and insurance fraud, along with background investigations and asset searches.

Able Legal Investigations specializes in complex local, national and international investigations and thorough, in-depth due diligence support.

Four Specialized Divisions

We have four specialized divisions which integrate seamlessly, each contributing its knowledge, experience, and skills as needed.

The result is unique, individualized services according to your particular requirements.

  • Investigations Division
  • Computer Forensics Division
  • Litigation Support Division
  • Corporate Services Division

Able Legal Investigations, Inc., approved Private Investigators within the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) (United States Code: Title 18, § 3006A) for United States District Court Central District of California. Able Legal Investigations is committed to the statutory guidelines governing investigation, including adherence to all applicable licensing and compliance requirements.

Surveillance and Undercover Operations

Able Legal Investigations employs a cross-section of male and female operatives who can blend into any situation. Whether confirming a suspicion or conducting a full-scale investigation, complete electronic surveillance systems coupled with an undercover operation can be very useful in a variety of situations.

Multi Jurisdiction Financial Investigations

Our licensed investigators can assist in obtaining the financial profile on any individual or company. All asset investigations are performed by licensed investigators and accomplished in compliance with all provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, Consumer Credit Reporting Act, and the Graham Leach Biley Act and as such the findings are court admissible.

Background and Due Diligence Investigations

Able Legal Investigations’ background investigation services include pre-employment background checks; comprehensive due diligence scrutiny of high-level executives, board members and other fiduciaries; and background investigations of key officers and owners of strategic partners and key vendors.